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Pregnancy and Ultrasound Clinic

Welcome to Reassur3d, providers of amazing baby scan experiences at our three clinics in Manchester, Sheffield and Doncaster.

We provide a wide range of private pregnancy scans ranging from sexing, gender scans to your 3D and 4D bonding scans. We also provide Early reassurance scans and later in your pregnancy well being scans.

Our state of the art facilities are staffed by highly qualified and experienced health professionals. We are also approved by the Care Quality Commission who regulate our industry to maintain high standards.

We pride our selves on delivering you the quality and reassurance you need during your pregnancy and are here every step of the way to provide expert and affordable services. As well as providing social scanning for you to see your baby we can also provide diagnostic anomaly scans like you would receive via the NHS.

To add further value and an even higher level of expertise our clinics are overseen by Professor Tom Farrell MBChB, MD, FRCOG, MEd cert, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist a real expert in this field.

Our clinics are focused on delivering an unrivalled client service with our clear focus being on you and your baby. Our packages include DVD’s so you can enjoy watching the scan ack with real time footage and we also include CD Rom’s with all the pictures that we capture. On top of this we also include printed pictures that you take away with you there and then – all included in your scan price. We also offer flexible scanning times to accommodate you outside of your normal working day.

Our wide range of pregnancy services ensure that we can be here for you at every step of your journey and then after pregnancy with our range of Gynaecology services to accompany our pregnancy packages.

Our clinics are based in

Sheffield – The BMI Thornbury Hospital

Sheffield – Remedy House, S10

Manchester – Davenport House Clinic

Doncaster – The Belton Branch Surgery

Private maternity care is available at our Sheffield clinic including regular antenatal visits from 24 weeks. Other advantages include 24 hour support and cover, Consultant attendance at delivery and postnatal unit care right up to discharge so whatever your choice of antenatal care or birth we are available to support you throughout.

Gynaecology Care

We provide assessment and investigations of a wide range of womens health problems at our Sheffield clinic. Telephone Professor Farrell’s secretary…

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I recently had a hysterectomy, Mr Farrell was available to provide me with advice by telephone, even when I went home. Yvonne (Sheffield)