Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

A different approach to preparing you for your birth

If you haven’t tried yoga before then doing so during your pregnancy will be a revolution! The use of yogic techniques can help women through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, helping with the birth itself and beyond.

When mums-to-be practice yoga they generally find that they become healthier, in body, mind and outlook. The body becomes more flexible, which enables you to better adapt to various positions that you may adopt when in labour, as well as using the natural ligaments elasticity, which in turn can help to reduce pain in the labour.

Yoga helps to prepare mothers for their babies births – it encourages breath and body awareness, as we talk about the birth and labour, it helps to minimize birth concerns, teaches women to adapt to the wonderful changes that their bodies are going to go through and vitally, puts you in contact with other mums-to-be so you know that you are not alone.

In our pregnancy classes we focus on key areas such a breathing techniques, labour postures/asanas and pelvic floor exercises with a view to also helping you get back to being fighting fit after your birth! There are also relaxation and visualization techniques (yoga nidra) to help you to unwind, followed by important tea, biscuits and discussion about a wide variety of subjects all related to you and your baby.

Breathing Techniques

The breath used in yoga is known as Ujayi (u-j-i-ee) and is a breath taken in to and out of the nose. The breath is drawn slowly in to the body so can help to clam you and also relax the body, stopping you from tensing up and giving you a tool to be able to actively manage your body’s reaction. The more you can relax the body the easier your birth will be. You can learn to breathe through the pain.

Labour Postures/Asanas

During the class we use different yoga asanas to strengthen core areas of the body you may use in labour. We use specific postures to strengthen the legs and backs, postures to help open the back and chest, strengthening the arms and postures to help relieve aches and pains. All postures work towards keeping the body in tip-top condition for the birth and beyond.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

We use the breath and focus on localized muscle toning to help the pelvic floor to return to its normal state after the birth. The exercises are calming and allow the mind to focus on specific body areas, promoting body awareness.

Relaxation and Visualization Techniques (yoga nidra)

These techniques help to promote complete relaxation of the body and mind. With the use of the breath as a focus point, a visualization (or yoga nidra) can allow the mind to focus away from the discomfort of the birth and help ensure maximum the body’s natural ability to relax avoiding tensions in the muscles that could build up during labour.

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4D scan - great. Helped us introduce our new baby to our 3 year old, as he saw her on TV, over and over again. Kath (Sheffield)