Pre-pregnancy Consultation

A preconception clinic provides woman who are planning to become pregnant, or have just become pregnant, an opportunity to discuss your pregnancy concerns with Consultant Obstetrician, Professor Tom Farrell.

At your initial consultation you will be given advice about the best possible steps for a healthy pregnancy and how to reduce the risks to your unborn baby and you.

At the preconception clinic you can discuss the dos and don’ts of pregnancy and any other concerns you may have, such as personal or family history which may affect your pregnancy.

If appropriate, you will be advised of any lifestyle related changes you need to make whilst pregnant and any diagnostic investigations such as scans or blood tests that may be required.

Will I benefit from a visit to the clinic?

The answer is yes if you wish to know more about any of the following:

  • dos and don’ts of pregnancy
  • previous pregnancy problems
  • your medication
  • medical conditions which affect yourself or your family
  • screening tests in pregnancy, for example Down’s screening

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