Private Pregnancy Care

  • Private Pregnancy Care is available from our Sheffield (BMI Thornbury Hospital) centre.
  • Private deliveries are all performed at the Jessop Wing in Sheffield.
  • Whatever your choice of birth or antenatal care, we are here to support you throughout. We act as facilitators and supporters of your choice.

We have 4 options for Pregnancy Care available

What style of Antenatal care would be offered?

We are a small team of consultant obstetricians offering private pregnancy care. The standard package includes:

  • Regular antenatal visits from 24 weeks onwards
  • Fetal ultrasound assessment at each visit
  • 24 hour cover
  • Consultant attendance at delivery
  • Postnatal care until discharge home

It is possible to organise a consultation with a consultant anaesthetist to discuss choices for pain relief in labour. This would include any concerns you may have related to epidural analgesia.

A member of the obstetric team would usually be available to cover any emergency.

You would be given the mobile telephone numbers of the consultants and can phone them at any time in an emergency. Usually emergency situations will require an immediate consultation, and this would be covered by your antenatal care fee. If you need to be admitted to hospital during pregnancy we can either admit you as a private patient or as a NHS patient as long as you are eligible for NHS care. If you are admitted as a private patient the hospital would charge you for the hospital elements of your care.

Where would I have my baby?

All deliveries are undertaken at the Jessop wing, Sheffield. The staff and equipment available at the unit would be discussed with you. There is a full neonatal intensive care unit at the Jessop wing, Sheffield.

What if I would like a Caesarean section birth?

A planned caesarean birth, sometimes called an elective caesarean section can be a very good way to have a baby. Although vaginal birth works out well for most women there are some for whom a planned caesarean section is better. The consultant obstetrician would meet with you to talk through the details of the anaesthetic and the surgery. You would have a date for the surgery well in advance of the timing of your caesarean section. You would be admitted to the Jessop wing on the morning of surgery and the delivery undertaken. This usually takes about an hour from beginning to end, and you would then go to the postnatal ward. Your hospital stay would usually be about 3-4 days.

The private pregnancy service is run by Professor Tom Farrell. Professor Farrell is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with a special interest in fetomaternal medicine.

He has a special interest in fetal ultrasound and pregnancy care, and provides all the pregnancy scanning at BMI Thornbury Hospital personally. This means that he is in an ideal position to give you a medical opinion if your scan identifes a problem with your baby.

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Tom provided all the care we needed following a miscarriage. He was able to ensure my subsequent pregnancy was well looked after. I have a beautiful baby boy, who looks just like his 4D scan picture. Sarah (Sheffield)