Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

At Reassur3d we offer a wide range of pregnancy scanning services.

  • 4 Dimensional Scan (26-34 weeks)

    The 4 dimensional ultrasound scan has surpassed the traditional hospital scan providing ‘life-like’ images of your baby. See your baby yawn, cry, swallow, blink and perform intricate movements.

  • “Sneak a peek” 4D Scan (20-24 weeks)

    A “sneak a peek” 4D scan gives you the ability to have an early view of your baby as it develops. The scan package includes a DVD recording of your baby (5 minutes) in addition to all the 3D/4D colour images and black and white thermal prints captured during your scan.

  • Early Pregnancy Scan (8–16 weeks)

    This scan aims to determine the number of fetuses present and whether the pregnancy is progressing normally inside the uterus/womb. The early pregnancy scan is available up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

  • 2D Fetal Gender Scan (after 16 weeks)

    A 2D fetal gender (sexing) scan can reliably determine the sex of your baby from 16 weeks gestation.

  • 3D Fetal Gender Scan (after 16 weeks)

    A 3D fetal gender (sexing) scan can reliably determine the sex of your baby from 16 weeks gestation. In addition to determining fetal gender, measurements will be made of your baby. 3D still images will be provided on either a CD or USB stick (dependent upon the clinic).

  • Anatomical Survey Scan (18-22 weeks)

    The purpose of this scan is to check your baby is normal. Most babies are healthy, but unfortunately some have problems that cannot be predicted by a family history, or the health of the mother.

  • Fetal Well-being Scan (24-40 weeks)

    The purpose of this examination is to assess the size and position of the baby, the amount of fluid surrounding the baby, placental resistance to blood flow and the baby’s current state of health.

  • Nuchal Translucency Scan (11-13 weeks and 6 days)

    By measuring the thickness of tissue fluid that lies under the skin at the back of the baby’s neck, the Nuchal Translucency, a computer programme can convert this, the length of the baby and the mothers age into a risk for Down’s Syndrome for that baby. This test is based on an ultrasound scan at about 12 weeks and has now been evaluated in studies of over 200,000 women.

Choosing Reassur3d for my antenatal care was the best decision I could have made for my twin sons. The reassurance and advice received from Tom Farrell helped me enjoy my pregnancy a little more. Pauline (Doncaster)