3D Fetal Gender Scan

A 3D fetal gender (sexing) scan can reliably determine the sex of your baby from 16 weeks gestation. The scan is not a 100% accurate, however the sonographer will explain how sure they are at the time of your scan. If it has not been possible to determine your baby’s sex you will be offered a further scan free of charge at a later date.

In addition to determining fetal gender, measurements will be made of your baby. 3D still images will be provided on either a CD or USB stick (dependent upon the clinic).

If you wish to have a DVD recording please book a 4D ultrasound scan.

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Choosing Reassur3d for my antenatal care was the best decision I could have made for my twin sons. The reassurance and advice received from Tom Farrell helped me enjoy my pregnancy a little more. Pauline (Doncaster)