4 Dimensional Scan

The 4 dimensional ultrasound scan has surpassed the traditional hospital scan providing ‘life like’ images of your baby. You will be able to see your baby and the many movements your baby performs within the womb. Facial expressions and moving fingers and toes can be seen.

With 4D scanning the fetus can be seen to yawn, cry, swallow, blink and perform intricate finger movements. These activities can be seen even in mid pregnancy although they become more common as pregnancy advances.

Your scan will be performed in a relaxed atmosphere. A dedicated scan room will provide seating for you and your relations to sit comfortably and observe your scan.

What will I see during my scan?

Throughout the scan, the operator will explain what is seen on the monitor. Measurements of your baby will be made to check growth. A formal detailed anatomical check is not performed, however, if a problem with your baby is suspected, we will explain the nature of the problem to you and contact the relevant healthcare professionals at your NHS hospital.

It is possible to obtain 4D images of your baby throughout pregnancy. The optimum time to perform the scan is between 26-32 weeks at which time facial features and expressions are clearly visible. Determining the sex of your baby is also possible if you wish.

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Is it always a successful scan?

In a small number of cases, if your baby is facing away, towards your spine, it may not be possible to see your baby’s face. If this happens we can repeat the scan at a later date. No extra charge will be made if this occurs.

Are there any safety concerns?

Although this is new technology it relies on the same principles used to produce conventional scan images. Sound waves are used to produce the ultrasound image, the main difference between 2 and 4D ultrasound is how the sound waves are processed by the ultrasound machines integral computer. Extensive studies on the effects of ultrasound have clearly shown it causes no harm to mother or baby.

How much is a scan?

Please check the fees page for costs.

What is included in the scan costs?

  • Includes a fetal well-being assessment
  • A 4D DVD/CD scan recording of up to 15 minutes duration
  • CD containing 3D still images
  • Fetal sexing if requested
  • Thermal black and white 3D scan prints

DVD movies and CD ROM images are produced using DVD+R and CD-R format discs. Please check your system is compatible with the above formats.

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4D scan - great. Helped us introduce our new baby to our 3 year old, as he saw her on TV, over and over again. Kath (Sheffield)