Reassur3d also provide diagnostic tests from our Sheffield centre.

  • Harmony Test

    The Harmony prenatal test is a non-invasive test that assesses the risk for chromosomal conditions such as Down syndrome and includes an optional analysis of fetal sex and sex chromosome (X,Y) conditions.
    The Harmony prenatal test detects >99% of Down cases (trisomy 21 at a false positive rate of <0.1%). The test is performed from 10 weeks gestation, and is available for singleton and twin pregnancies, including IVF pregnancies.

  • Amniocentesis

    Amniocentesis is a diagnostic test in which a small amount of the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the uterus (womb) is removed by passing a fine needle through the mother’s abdomen. Amniocentesis is usually used to detect whether or not a baby has a chromosomal disorder, such as Down syndrome.

  • CVS

    Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a test that is carried out during pregnancy to detect serious problems with the foetus or to determine paternity. A sample of cells is taken from the placenta (the organ that links the mother’s blood supply with her unborn baby’s) and tested.

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Choosing Reassur3d for my antenatal care was the best decision I could have made for my twin sons. The reassurance and advice received from Tom Farrell helped me enjoy my pregnancy a little more. Pauline (Doncaster)